JAPANESE MARVEL weiss schwarz


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Language: Japanese

Set contents: 1BOX=16packs. 1pack=9 cards. Each pack contains 9 cards, randomly selected from 100 normal and parallel cards (tentative).



MARVEL's characters appear in Weiss Schwarz!
[Gorgeous winning card information
6 gorgeous foil-stamped AVGR (Avengers Rare) cards with Avengers icons using newly-drawn illustrations
24 gorgeous foil-stamped MR (Marvel Rare) cards with character icons
In addition to the AVGRs (Avengers Rares), there are also many other new illustrations!
Included characters: Iron Man/War Machine/Captain America/Winter Soldier/Falcon/Thor/Loki/Hulk
Black Widow / Hawkeye / Ant-Man / Wasp / Doctor Strange / Black Panther
Captain Marvel/Vision/Scarlet Witch/Thanos/Spider-Man
Gwen Stacy / Venom / Star-Lord / Gamora / Rocket / Groot / Drax / Mantis / etc.

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